Back in July, it was rumored that Rachel McAdams was up for the lead female role in Doctor Strange. Her involvement has since been confirmed, but her role has remained a mystery. With the movie set to start production next month, we should get official word on casting then, but we may finally know who she is thanks to a newly revisited rumor.

Latino-Review is reporting that they’ve head McAdams will be playing Christine Palmer, aka Night Nurse. A lot of us thought that McAdams would take the role of Clea, but it will have to go to someone else if she is included apparently.

This rumor seems to make a lot of sense after Steven DeKnight came out and said Night Nurse was the only character they were forbidden to use on Daredevil because of the plans the movie side of the MCU had for her. Feige has also stated that she will play a major role in terms of how the audience sees the world, so giving her this role would fit that bill.

Doctor Strange begins production sometime next month with it scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016.

Source: Latino-Review