After a long search, Marvel finally found their Captain Marvel with Brie Larson being confirmed to play Carol Danvers. She beat out some reportedly stiff competition, but is a great choice to handle this role over the next 10+ years. Now that Carol is here, Marvel has to still narrow down who will eventually direct the movie. To this point, there have been plenty of wild rumors, such as Angelina Jolie starring and directing, plus fans pushing for Reed Morano to get the job at a certain point. Neither of those seem to be panning out, and now a new rumor indicates another candidate for the job.

Kevin Feige recently revealed that the shortlist is down to 10 and with there already being a few names that could be on that list, a new name looks like it can be added thanks to a recent post on Twitter. Fellow director Lexi Alexander was recently asked if she was on this list, and while she is not, she revealed Rachel Talalay might be.

If Alexander is to be trusted, then we could know up to five of the ten contenders. Talalay joins the likes of Emily Carmichael, Elizabeth Wood, Niki Caro, and Jennifer Kent. Of these possible contenders, Talalay is probably the most obscure name on the list. She has primarily been a director for television shows, and she is not a stranger to comic book properties after working on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. We are still a few months away from an announcement being made and with the film likely not going into production for a full year, they have time to get the right choice. That could be Talalay or one of the other choices or someone we have not yet heard. Until then, let us know who you want to direct and if Talalay would be a good choice in the comments below!

Captain Marvel is scheduled to hit theaters March 8, 2019.

Source: Twitter.