There’s been no confirmed notion of a future Bruce Banner appearance in the MCU, save for the possibility that he could show up in the upcoming She-Hulk show. Meanwhile, it looks like Banner’s arch-nemesis Thunderbolt Ross has secured another appearance in the MCU, with a report from GWW saying that the character will appear in the She-Hulk show as his hulked-out alter-ego Red Hulk.

That a Hulk character is showing up in a Hulk-centric show doesn’t come as a surprise. However, it is interesting to think about how Ross could turn into a monster himself. Aside from his appearance in The Incredible Hulk and his monologue in Captain America: Civil War, he really doesn’t have a semblance of an arc. We haven’t even heard about his personal feelings for Banner despite the two of them appearing together in Tony’s funeral. Ross’ transformation into the Red Hulk is a personal one and he’s definitely gonna need a lot of airtime for it to work. Finger’s crossed that he gets a proper moment in Black Widow.

Source: GWW