The sky’s the limit for Kevin Feige‘s mega TV venture in Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, with multiple reports saying that several of his immensely popular film characters will be headlining their own shows. As per the major Hollywood trades, three shows are in development: Loki, Scarlet Witch/Vision, and Falcon/Bucky. Rumor has it that Nick Fury himself may get his own miniseries. Now, That Hashtag Show is saying that a Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off miniseries starring Groot and Rocket may be a part of that line up.

Now, given the potential of Feige’s TV venture, where any major Marvel Studios character can be given his/her/its own miniseries, it’s almost too easy to pick and guess which characters can get a show. It’s also an insanely expensive project; the cost of bringing Rocket, Groot, and the production design to life, not to mention Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel‘s A-list price tag (even though you’ll never see their face).

But it’s also a damn good idea. For starters, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming, it’s unlikely a show like this would be set in the present day. There’s a ton of story to mine in Groot and Rockey’s relationship prior to the formation of the Guardians (there’s already a non-canon animated show out there if I’m not mistaken). It’s an exciting way to expand the grimier side of the cosmos that a film like The Eternals might not get to explore. Plus, it’ll be a huge draw for younger audiences who might not be racing to see a Scarlet Witch/Vision show.

Source: That Hashtag Show