With Avengers: Infinity War out of the way, Ant-Man & the Wasp two months from its premiere, and no SDCC appearance from Marvel Studios this year, pretty soon we’ll be entering a drought of MCU film news with nothing but rumor and speculation to satiate our thirsts. This new rumor from MCU Cosmic about Avengers 4 is one of them. According to them, the Skrulls will be playing a small roll in particular scene in the film involving Hawkeye’s Ronin.

The rumor goes like this. In the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are tracking the extraterrestrial signals being detected in Wakanda. Now neither Fury nor Hill knows about Thanos coming to Earth. But Fury does know about another extraterrestrial threat in the Skrulls due to him being around Carol Danvers in the 90s when she was dealing with them. That’s why he sends the signal to Captain Marvel because he believed the Skrulls were finally invading Earth.

This then ties into Avengers 4 and Hawkeye’s role in the story. The rumor is that he’s working as Ronin in Tokyo and hunting down Yakuza, who are actually Skrulls. The casting notice for these extras apparently said they needed to be comfortable wearing a facial prosthetic, which would definitely point to them being Skrulls if true.

First thing’s first, should we buy this rumor? It’s worth noting that MCU Cosmic is the same outlet that said The Eternals was a property was looking to do down the line, which was later confirmed by Kevin Feige himself. Second, there will be a precedent for the Skrulls hanging around Earth by that time Avengers 4 hits screens because Captain Marvel comes out 2 months before. Third, Ronin hanging out in Japan and him fighting Skrulls have happened in the comics before. So there may be some credence to it. Personally, I wish it were true and could totally see this scene play out as an introduction to Ronin, the same way they gave Black Widow her entrance in the first Avengers film taking out Russian goons.

Now, we’re still a year away from Avengers 4 meaning there’s so much that could happen in the editing room between now and then. We at MCUExchange have heard some cool stuff about Avengers 4 that we chose to not to run given how things are always changing for the films. Even though the rumor makes a lot of sense, the chances of it not happening are high. Only time will tell.

Source: MCU Cosmic