With a lot of hype building up towards the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 next month, and the recent released Thor: Ragnarok trailer, Spider-Man: Homecoming is not going to fall behind. We received a brand new trailer that offered a look at the story of the film, but now it seems a some lucky people received a screening at a Tokyo event alongside a few interesting tidbits, as well as the official confirmation of The Daily Bugle being included in the film. @tomhsource released a short summary of the scenes shown, photos of props and a potential major role revealed in the film.

Let’s start off with the largest piece of news, it seems that actress Angourice Rice may be playing Gwen Stacy in the film after all, as some of the footage may have potentially confirmed a casting. There are theories that she is in fact playing Betty Brant, but going by set photos she does heavily remind one of old school Gwen Stacy. As there is no official source confirming this (and it didn’t come as a part of the description of the footage that we included below) it may just be a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt, but it could interesting to see how her character would fit into the overall story.

One confirmation that is a prop showing the Daily Bugle finally making its MCU debut alongside Spider-Man. Hopefully this could also open up the possibility for the newspaper organisation to make an appearance in the The Defenders shows, as it is famous for being in New York City. It makes you wonder if we will potentially see J. Jonah Jameson make a cameo in this film, or at a later date.

Another interesting prop is a piece of paper that shows Peter getting really excited being a hero, so he may have started writing his very own theme song. Fans of the original 1960s show might be excited to see the classic theme song return, so hopefully we see him hum it at some point in the film.

That is not all, as we also received a short description of the footage that was shown at the Tokyo event. It certainly seems as if the lucky attendees got the chance to see Flash Thompson, who is played by Tony Revelori, who so far has been completely left out of trailers or any official pictures that were shown.

In addition, we also got some pictures from what was shown at the screening, which includes Spidey avoiding an attack by the Vulture in his first suit, an actual look at his phone with the Spider Tracer, which might actually be contacted to his very own AI that was hinted at, our first official look at Flash Thompson and Spider-Man working hard on his homework while hanging upside down.