While the rumors about Zendaya portraying Mary Jane Watson opposite Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in next summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming film have been put to rest (as noted in this MCU Exchange piece) there are still rumors aplenty to go around about who Peter/Spidey might be macking on in the movie.


Citing “sources close to the project”, LRM is reporting that Peter’s love interest will be Liz Allan, portrayed by Laura Harrier and cast months ago as covered in this MCU Exchange article.

Laura Harrier

If you’re familiar with the comics, Liz was a minor love interest for both Peter and Flash Thompson in the very early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man making her named debut in issue #4 of the magazine but making her unnamed first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 during the Web-Slinger’s own first appearance. She was someone Peter had a crush on early on, only to be rebuffed until she heard he’d put on a Spider-Man costume to “pretend” to be Spidey and scare off Doctor Octopus, at which point she kindled a crush on him, by which point, however, Peter had moved on to Betty Bryant.


Even though Liz had a minor, unrequited romantic role during the high school years, she did return to the storyline 9 years later, and she has strong connections in the Spider-Man mythos. For instance: she’s the villain Molten Man’s stepsister, she marries Peter’s pal Harry Osborn, the second Green Goblin, and they have a son (Normie), after Harry’s death, she and Foggy Nelson have a romantic relationship. Those are some pretty heavy connections and certainly fodder for stories in the future of the franchise (and over on the Netflix side of the MCU if they wanted to go that route).

Love interest or not, Liz will be in the film and may still have some of those connections. Which of the Liz Allan storylines would you like to see explored? Let us know below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7, 2017.

Source: LRM