The fandom shifted its attention to the untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel when it was confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as the villain Mysterio and that Michael Keaton was set to return as the Vulture, sparking the hope that a Sinister Six would be set up properly. Now, it seems like the Sinister Six won’t be the only thing the sequel will set up as a new Reddit rumor is saying that the film will introduce a young Alistair Smythe as a rival to Peter.

Peter develops a rivalry with a new student, Alistair Smythe, a technology prodigy who is determined to upstage him. Smythe is “manipulative” and tries to turn Peter’s friends against him. His father, Spencer Smythe, works for Stark Industries.

As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt even if it’s an exciting one.

Avid Spidey comic readers know that Alistair and Spencer Smythe are the creators of the Spider-Slayers, machines designed for killing Spider-Man. Along with the confirmation of Gyllenhaal as Mysterio came with a tidbit saying the production was looking to cast an A-list actor to play the co-male lead opposite Tom Holland. Assuming this is indeed a factual “leak” and not informed conjecture by another anonymous Reddit user, having that co-male lead as Alistair Smythe is pretty dope. Smythe is a pretty deep cut character in the comics and for Marvel to give him a shot as a foil to teenage Peter instead of a Harry Osborn is an inspired decision. Having Peter deal with a young tech prodigy as good, if not better, than him could be played for great character work. Plus, the idea of having a Spider-Slayer down the line is exciting. Set a real rivalry up!

Source: Reddit