No one expected a show like Loki to be as ambitious as all the latest rumors are making it out to be. That Disney+ trailer confirmed the presence of the Time Variance Authority, an organization policing the space-time continuum. A rumor came out last week saying Kang the Conqueror was going to be introduced in the show. Now, a story from Bleeding Cool is reporting that the Squadron Supreme is set to make an appearance.

We don’t know how valid this is given Bleeding Cool’s inconsistent track record throughout the years but it’s a pretty exciting idea. It makes sense since the Squadron Supreme is a superhero team that has existed inside and outside of the main 616 universe. Think the Marvel counterpart to the Justice League but in a different plane of existence with the Avengers. With Loki messing around the multiverse, the idea of them popping up works for the most part. How big of a role they play and whether they could exist in the main timeline of the MCU is a whole another can of worms.

Source: Bleeding Cool