Fans have a lot to look forward to for the Marvel Cinematic Universe this July, with only a little over a week until San Diego Comic Con, Marvel has been confirmed to make a major appearance at the convention. And although Marvel Television typically joins their film counterpart at the convention, this will be the first time that Marvel TV brings one of the Netflix shows to SDCC as part of their line-up. Representing the Marvel/Netflix side of the MCU, the cast and creators of the Luke Cage series will be making an appearance at the convention.

Production for the series has already wrapped for quite some time yet we still don’t know anything from it aside from cast confirmations that were released several months ago. However, with the series set to hit the streaming service on September 30th – a little over two months from now – we’re beginning to learn bits and pieces from browsing online. On the Luke Cage IMDB page, The Wire actor Michael Kostroff is listed as part of the cast. If you aren’t in the know, Kostroff portrayed the ultra corrupt lawyer Maurice Levy in The Wire, a show that the Luke Cage show undoubtedly will take inspiration from. The role he’s said to be playing is Dr Noah Burstein, the scientist responsible for Luke’s unbreakable skin and a known Abraham Erskine fanatic. Whether or not Stanley Tucci‘s character gets a nod is anyone’s guess but the potential for subtle world building is always a treat.

Of course, IMDB isn’t always the most reliable source so take this with a grain of salt. However, it is worth noting that with production already wrapped, it’s more than likely that we’ll continue to see actors and actresses added to the cast list – meaning Kostroff’s casting probably is legit, even if it wasn’t officially announced. With an SDCC appearance at hand, it’s probably safe to assume that more details about the show will revealed along with confirmation who will and won’t appear on the show. Kostroff would be a great addition to an already powerhouse cast and it is always a treat to see The Wire alums make their way into these Netflix shows. Where’s Michael K. Williams while we’re at it?

Source: IMDB.