Longtime followers of the MCU rumor mill will remember Latino-Review’s big scoop a few years ago concerning Marvel Studios putting together an adaptation of Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk story line. Obviously that has yet to come to fruition and the site (most notably former employee El Mayimbe) has taken a lot of heat from scorned fans. Well, Latino-Review is at it again, Frankensteining life back into the Planet Hulk rumor. Potential spoilers to follow…

According to a new rumor from Geek.com, when Thor first meets Hulk in the upcoming Thor: Ragnaork, it will be in the gladiatorial arena of an as yet unnamed planet!

Last week, a rumor surfaced that involved Thor being banished from Asgard by Loki and Hela and this new rumor ties neatly in to that. This new scoop adds that when the Odinson is banished, it is to a nearby planet (Sakaar?) where his golden locks are shorn and he is forced to compete as a gladiator. Being Thor, he apparently has no problem defeating his first opponents, so the overlord of the arena (presumably the Red King?) decides he needs to face a real challenge and brings out the champion: the Hulk!

It sounds as if the Hulk has undergone some interesting changes since he headed off in the Quinjet during the third act of Avengers: Age of Ultron . The rumor indicates that in the time that has passed, Hulk has not changed back into Bruce Banner, but that some of Banner’s memories and traits are starting to merge with the Hulk. It is this combo personality that allows Hulk to realize Thor is an ally and get the two off planet and into the thick of things.

If this rumor does prove to be true, it could be an interesting way to incorporate the best bits of the Planet Hulk story into the MCU and be an entertaining way to kick off the “Cosmic road trip” that Hulk and Thor are said to be taking. It will be very interesting to see what other competitors are in the arena, if this pans out. Could this be a way to introduce fan-favorite Beta Ray Bill? We know Marvel commissioned artist Josh Nizzi to make some concept art of several characters involved in the Planet Hulk comic. Could they finally be using these characters in Thor: Ragnarok? Given the time that has passed since we last saw Hulk, could Marvel Studios lay the groundwork for Skaar, the son of Hulk?

If nothing else this is certainly an very interesting rumor about a topic that just won’t die, and Geek.com does give the disclaimer that while it is a hot topic now, it could certainly change at any time before production begins. Time will tell, but this does seem like a great way to give fans of the comics a little gift and does open a world of possibilities!

Source: Geek.com