Update: Following JoBlo’s initial report of Mark Ruffalo reprising his role of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, Deadline has went on to confirm this story. Deadline is the first trade outlet to report on the deal, which makes this pretty much a lock moving forward.

This finally ends the questions of where we will see Hulk next, even if the details of how he gets there are still a bit fuzzy. Asgard and the outer realms better get ready for some Hulk smashing in its future.

You can read the original report below.

Captain America: Civil War may not be the only Marvel film with an Avengers reunion. JoBlo is reporting that Mark Ruffalo has joined Thor: Ragnarok, bringing the gamma-powered monster to Thor’s cosmic Phase Three capper. Kevin Feige has described Thor 3 as the connective tissue of Phase 3, similar to the role The Winter Soldier played in Marvel’s Phase Two. It makes sense that this third Thor film might be more connected to the rest of the Avengers storylines in the long march to Avengers: Infinity War.

What is more interesting to me is this observation from JoBlo:

Mark Ruffalo joins Tom Hiddleston (also confirmed by our sources) and Jaimie Alexander in RAGNAROK, which we’ve also heard will involve a “distant planet” that is “not Asgard and not Earth.” What does that mean? Certainly the theory will be made that this is where Marvel will work in the long-rumored Planet Hulk storyline, and although we can’t completely verify that, we can’t completely deny it either. I’ll leave it to you on how you want to place your bets, but I know where my money is going.

If Thor 3 is loosely adapting Planet Hulk, that’s a huge addition to an already packed film. I’ve assumed for awhile that Surtur, Thor’s perennial archnemesis in the comics, would be the villain of Ragnarok, but now I’m not so sure. If Ragnarok is cosmic enough to do Planet Hulk while it sets up Infinity War, then Marvel might decide to save Surtur (plus the Midgard Serpent) for a future Thor film, instead of half-assing him in a very busy plot. It wouldn’t surprise me if the focus is more on Thanos and Hela, the Norse godess of death.

It does crack me up that after The Avengers, the two pairings that everyone loved were Tony and Bruce, and Steve and Thor. So naturally, for Phase 3, Marvel has teamed up… Tony and Steve, Bruce and Thor.

Source: JoBlo.