Our friends over at That Hashtag Show have gotten their hands on some interesting leaks from Marvel Studios’ upcoming projects through 4chan. Let us start off with the interesting teases involving Marvel Studios upcoming new venture, Disney+. Little is known about what exactly we can expect from their latest projects. There have been some teases here and there but nothing substantial to work with. All we really have to go on are rumors and these latest leaks might be our best look into the upcoming mini-series. Most of the rumors pretty much have been hinted at throughout the last few months but one major reveal has caught our attention. It looks like we finally have some hints at what the plot is for the upcoming Falcon & Winter Soldier series.

Falcon was given the mantle of Captain America at the end of Endgame but it looks like the government has other plans. According to that 4chan leak, Falcon & Winter Soldier will follow the duo working with a government-sanctioned Captain America, who might turn out to be the MCU’s version of John Walker aka U.S. Agent. This certainly could be an interesting approach for Sam to wrestle with Cap’s legacy and the weight of the mantle. In the recent comics, the U.S. Agent has actually crossed paths with the shield-wielding Sam Wilson. Perhaps we even get tie-ins to the Bradley family, particular Elijah Bradley who was revealed in the comics to be another super-soldier success story.

As always, take 4chan leaks with a massive grain of salt. SDCC and D23 aren’t too far away so we might get an official reveal for the show’s plot by then. It will be interesting to see what direction they take with this show, as it offers many potential crossovers with other MCU properties. If they do go the Nuke route, they would confirm that the Defenders series are not a part of the current MCU 616 universe.

What do you think about the plotline for Falcon & Winter Soldier? Any characters you hope to see in it?

Source: That Hashtag Show