Marvel is currently preparing to go all out for Disney+, with a number of series expected to begin production over the next few months, including WandaVision, perhaps the most intriguing of the shows Marvel have announced thus far. While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what the series will entail, it seems a safe bet that a lot of it is going to revolve around Wanda’s reality-warping powers, creating her own perfect ‘vision’ of a happy life – and this latest rumor makes that seem even more likely.

According to MCU Cosmic, the series is currently casting two babies for roles in the show – and the site reports that supposedly these babies will be a creation of Wanda’s powers – her ‘vision’ – and that by the end of the series they will have rapidly aged and somehow move from Wanda’s reality to the mainstream MCU reality. It seems likely that these two babies would, in fact, be Wiccan and Speed, Wanda and Vision’s super-powered kids from the comics.

This certainly wouldn’t be too unexpected; there’s been long-standing speculation now that the Disney+ shows may be building towards the Young Avengers, and if there was any logical place for Wiccan and Speed to debut, it would be in their parents’ show. In the comics, Wiccan has a number of magical powers, similar to his mother, whilst Speed possesses – you guessed it – super speed, similar to Wanda’s brother Pietro.

Of course, casting twin babies isn’t necessarily an unusual practice in Hollywood. Due to the very strict labor laws surrounding children, productions usually cast identical twins when utilizing children onscreen to maximize coverage. This could very well be one of those cases. Remember back when they were filming Avengers: Endgame, they were looking to cast twin baby boys and people thought it was the Maximoff babies? It ended up being the baby for the Scott Lang time-travel demo.

Source: MCU Cosmic