With production seemingly nearing a conclusion on Marvel’s Jessica Jones, it appears that production on Marvel’s next original Netflix show, Luke Cage, will be kicking off very soon.

SpoilerTV have reported that filming will begin on Luke Cage in August, and will continue until next spring. The precise dates listed are August 18 for the start of filming, and March 11 for the conclusion of filming. Although these dates are unconfirmed and subject to change, they do line up with previous estimates.

Last year, filming for season one of Daredevil took place from July to December, with the show premiering four months later. Assuming that the post-production schedule for Luke Cage will be similar, it can be inferred that Luke Cage will premiere on Netflix three to five months after filming is complete, indicating a summer 2016 release for season one of Luke Cage, with June or July the most likely time. That leaves just Iron Fist and The Defenders, both of which are likely to be released some time in 2017 on Netflix.

It could also provide an indication of when season two of Daredevil is set to film – as Charlie Cox predicted in an interview just after Daredevil was renewed (which you can read here), it is likely that Daredevil and Luke Cage will be filming roughly concurrently, so this may indicate either a late July or an early August start for filming on Daredevil season two.

We’ll provide further reports when the dates are confirmed by an official source.

Luke Cage starts Mike Colter as the titular superhero, and will be released on Netflix in 2016. The series, like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, will be made up of 13 episodes.

Source: SpoilerTV