It’s been a few months since news came out that the much-anticipated Runaways would premiere on November 21. The show made a huge impression two weeks ago at New York Comic-Con when news about its near-perfect pilot episode came out. And that good buzz must be making Hulu super confident in their property because a new report is saying that the streaming service will reportedly drop the show’s first 3 episodes on its premiere day.

While there is no official confirmation from Marvel or Hulu about the 3-episode premiere, it does make a little bit of sense for Hulu to drop a chunk of episodes. As mentioned above, Hulu must be super confident about this show, given the praise it’s already garnering from fans and critics alike. There’s also the matter of Thanksgiving Weekend. Some folks from the US may get the long weekend off during the week Runaways premieres. Hulu might want to cash in on that and give a bountiful three episodes to go along with their turkey feast. Hulu has always been adamant about their release practice, refusing to emulate Netflix’s whole-season-dump and instead following the traditional network model of releasing shows week to week. With only 10 episodes (or a supposed 10 weeks) to their season, it does seem a bit unusual to cut three weeks off of that already-limited release window, if this report is true. But as someone who is crazy looking forward to this show, I can’t really complain.

Source: Twitter