We’re only a couple of days away from the premiere of Hulu’s Runaways and in anticipation, the streaming service just released via Entertainment Weekly a new banner for the show. Check it out!

If there is one edge that Marvel TV has over the film division, it’s the posters and banners they put out. Marvel TV has been crazy consistent with the kinds of posters they put out for the show. Be it Agent Carter‘s pin-up style teasers or ****Daredevil*** Season 2’s Caravaggio-influenced posters, Marvel TV makes the most out of their poster-game. This Runaways one looks like a horrid photoshop job by an intern. What’s up with their parents’ floaty hands?

But enough about the design quality. The important thing is that this poster gets the job of displaying the characters and their traits right. You got Gert and a really bad cut-out of a dinosaur tail, Molly’s glowing eyes signifying her her strength, Nico and the Staff of One, Chase’s badass gauntlets, and Karolina’s neon bracelet that allows her to maintain her human form. And what’s up with all those floating hands

EDITOR’s NOTE: Just as I was about to wrap this article up and publish it, IGN dropped some legit badass character posters that look absolutely fantastic. I’m particularly enamored by the Minoru one. I feel silly now typing all that shit above.

Source: Entertainment Weekly and IGN