Amid all the more familiar television properties in the MCU, Runaways is sneaking in to this fall’s lineup with stellar reviews and nothing but positive hype. The show will create a modern version of the

While there has been plenty of focus on the teen drama aspect of the show. In fact, that’s what showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are famous for creating. But one character from the comics that hasn’t gotten much press, so far, is Old Lace, Gert’s velociraptor. Early in the development of the series, as fans dealt with the blow of not having a dragon in Iron Fist there was concern that the fan-favorite pet would not be making an appearance in the series. While her omission would most likely ruin the series, it is a reality that fans will never have to face, as Old Lace will definitely be around.

In fact, Brian K Vaughn recently explained to a fan that he thinks we’ll be happy with the treatment that the pet velociraptor is given.

Vaughn was doing a book signing in York. Very nice guy. I asked him about the Runaways TV show. He says he has had input and visited the set, and that Old Lace is definitely included in all her Dinosaur-y goodness and he thinks they did her justice. Now I’m really anticipating this show. 🙂

Obviously, a creator that is involved in a property is never an objective opinion. Any wheel in the cog of the entertainment industry will say positive things about their product because the positive press will lead to more success. But it is good to know that this one particular aspect will be handled well.

Even with all of the criticism that has plagued Inhumans, fans can’t complain about the treatment that Lockjaw was given. The larger-than-life dog was brought to screen as a beautiful, life-like creature. Hopefully, Old Lace will be just as awesome.

Source: Reddit