Marvel’s Runaways is coming to Hulu this fall, and we are finally getting more information about the west-coast based series about teenagers who find out their parents are evil. But with the different tone, network, and age group for this series, fans have started to wonder if it will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In a new interview with IGN, Executive Producer Josh Schwartz assured fans that the show is simply bringing in a new corner of the MCU, similar to the previous teenage-angst drama that he has created. When asked how the show will connect to the MCU, overall, he implied that it doesn’t really matter.

Yeah. How it connects or whether it does or not, we’ll leave that to the powers that be. I can just tell you that we were very capable of telling the story that we wanted to tell independent of any of the other Marvel stories that are out there.

This still means that the show could be outside of the MCU, if ‘the powers that be” choose for that to be the case. However, there is one detail that astute fans noticed in Doctor Strange that could tie in to Runaways: The presence of Tina Minoru. The character was cast in the film, but didn’t actually end up being used. A different actress (Brittany Ishibashi) has been cast as the mother of Nico in the television series. However, this seemed like a great way to tie in the movies and television, a connection that fans have been wanting but Marvel has been lacking in recent years. It appears that fans may be disappointed at the continued lack of consistent continuity because according to Schwartz:

She was only named in the credits so it’s nothing that really affects us.

With these responses, it sounds as though Marvel is being non-committal on if Runaways is in the MCU, or not, which we get in a way. It’s always smart to focus on just making quality programming rather than worry how it fits into continuity. Now regardless of whether they actually make a connection between the two, we’re on board for this show. We’ll find out, for sure, when Runaways premieres on Hulu, in November. Until then, do these lacks of connections bother you? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: IGN