Today we get confirmation of what fans and websites have been assuming for some time: Runaways will be getting a second season.  The more noteworthy part is that the second season will be longer, this time running for 13 episodes instead of the ten episodes that season 1 ran.  There is no news yet as to when that season will film or air, or if everyone will return to the cast.  The finale hits the internet late tonight and the possibility of some character deaths is real.

As the season went on, it seemed that Runaways was always destined for another season.  Much of this season laid the groundwork for long-term storylines and character development.  Many have noted that as of episode 9 the kids still haven’t run away.  They seem headed in that direction now.  A full season of the team on the run could be a lot of fun for fans who have felt this season was a little slow in getting to the central premise of the comic books.  Brian K. Vaughn, the author of the comics, has commented on how his mindset as show consultant has been different because he is far less concerned about cancellation than when he wrote the comic run.

The return date has not yet been set for the show.  One would guess that sometime this fall would make sense.  Hulu doesn’t have a ton of history to go by, but they have aired the premiere of seasons like The Mindy Project and their longest running show East Los High at roughly the same time each year.  (Remember that Hulu is owned by major networks, so they still think a little more like a traditional TV production company.)  If I had to hazard a guess, we could see the Runaways crew back on the small screen in late October or early November.  It will be interesting to see if the 13 episode length runs the show deeper into 2019 on the tail end, or moves up the premiere on the front end.

Are you excited to see the return of Runaways?  Is it good in your mind that the show is extending out to 13 episodes this time around?  Share your thoughts below.

Source: EW