Runaways got a bit of traction recently when the TCA invited some press people to visit the set of the currently-in-production second season. During the visit, it was revealed that the second season would drop this coming winter and that some familiar faces from the comics would be debuting. Here’s what showrunner Josh Schwartz said about the characters:

There are some characters who appear in the book who are appearing in Season 2. They are really popular, exciting characters.

So popular and exciting? Fans who’ve read the comic know some of the potential additions. Victor Mancha first comes to mind. Mancha is the cybernetic teenage creation of Ultron, built to take over the world one day in place of his creator. Mancha is easily the most viable character to bring at this point. You’ve got all the seeds that set it up: Ultron and cyborgs on MCU TV. Plus, it’d be great to see more threads to come from the Ultron storyline. Surely there’s a remnant of him out there in the MCU?

Not as likely as Mancha but surely a viable option down the line once Captain Marvel canonizes Skrulls in the MCU is Xavin, a Super-Skrull trainee who becomes a significant love interest for Karolina. If the show didn’t stray away from giving us a raptor, an alien shouldn’t be a biggie at this point. Showrunner Stephanie Savage once described the show’s central evil entity, the Gibborim, as alien in nature. But at this juncture, should they introduce Xavin, it is unlikely they maintain her Super-Skrull origins given Fox’s cinematic ownership of the character concept. Though down the line, when the Disney-Fox deal finally pushes through, they can bring in Xavin just the way he/she is.

With the exception of the last season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the concept of time travel has yet to be fully explored in the MCU so we’re not sure a character like Klara Prast, a girl with plant-controlling abilities from the 1900’s who the Runaways encounter in one of their time-travel adventures, would fit in while still remaining faithful to the source material. But then again, the MCU has always carved its own way building its own canon. There are many ways to reinvent a character like Klara. I’m sure the visionaries behind the successful show know which approach to take.

Source: Deadline