Marvel TV has expanded the MCU once again with the ten-episode season of Runaways on the streaming platform Hulu. Highlighting the rather twisted relationships between a group of teenagers share and their villainous parents, this coming-of-age story will end its first season on January 9th. Normally we would expect a potential renewal announcement for a show on a streaming service to be released a few months after it finished airing, which has become a regular occurrence with Netflix’s Marvel shows, but it seems we might already have some news for the teenage drama.

According to unnamed sources from RenewCancelTV, they may have found out that Runaways has already been renewed for a second season. We will have to take this information with a grain of salt, but the show has garnered quite a lot of attention. It currently rests at an 83% on the Tomatometer and its audience score is even higher at 91%. The show also offers a unique charm that makes it stand out among other Marvel shows. It deals with a lot of topics quite relevant for a young teenage audience while also adding enough for long-time fans of the comic books. It is still unsure what we can expect from the finale, but there is a lot of room and mythology that the sequels can build on. It will be interesting to see where this show might be heading and when we might get an official announcement for its renewal.

What are your thoughts on the show? Would you want a second season?

Source: via SuperBroMovies.comRottenTomatoes