Following a well-received debut season, the second season of Runaways is set to debut exactly next week and the reviews are finally here!

In all, despite some fun developments like a love interest for Alex or Jonah’s mysterious plans for Karolina (and that hole in the ground), Runaways season 2 feels even more averse to taking storytelling risks than it was in season 1. Little of what transpires carries any significant weight or threat of consequence, and while watching would-be teen superheroes navigate various romantic entanglements will no doubt be of interest to some, even those moments are handled in such a way as to feel treacly and, like too much of the series, free from anything resembling a compelling conflict.Screenrant

It’s hard for me to not recommend Runaways to those already subscribed to the genre and all of its tropes. It’s not superhero-y enough to turn teen drama fans off, and as a massive MCU fan, I personally didn’t think it was angsty enough for me to turn away. Season two was a big step forward and a few steps back creatively—if the show is lucky enough to get a third season (which it better, considering how this one ended), I’d hope that they make it a bit tighter.Flixist

At the end of the series’ 13 episodes, which honestly still could have been cut down to 10, we’re left with a thrilling season that puts Runaways indisputably in the conversation as some of Marvel’s best television work, even if the first season wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. In continuously pushing the boundaries, it also sets up a third season that has the potential to reach even greater heights.Slashfilm

The Runaways Season 2 premiere is solid. The series is already a lot more action-packed, and I loved the underlining social commentary as the kids are forced to deconstruct their own privileged lives. Although the cliffhanger of the episode will split the audience, especially comic book fans. I still don’t know how to feel about the direction they are taking this particular character, and this brought my mood down after watching an overall enjoyable episode.Newsarama