Hulu saw quite a success with the Marvel series Runaways. The story surrounding a band of misfit teenagers and their pet dinosaur had built up quite an audience. It will also premiere on Freeform after the season finale of Marvel‘s other teenage show Cloak and Dagger. The upcoming second season has already started filming back in June so some were wondering if we can expect the series to return. It was still unclear when we could expect it to premiere but luckily Matt Mitovich revealed that the series is aiming for a winter release on the streaming service. There is no exact date given but we can expect that to be released once the trailer rolls around.

This release fits with the show’s first season premiere in November so it is most likely aiming for a similar release date. We still do not know much about the upcoming season, as no castings or stories were announced so far. As it has started filming back in June we might see a trailer released around October. It will also be interesting if we can expect the second season to premiere with the first three episodes as the first one did. Last season felt like a build-up to them actually running away from home, which will be the main focus of this season. Cloak and Dagger have also been renewed for a second season, so maybe with them traveling across the States, we could eventually see these two shows crossover with each other.

What are your thoughts?

Source: ScreenRant, Twitter

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