All eyes may be glued on Daredevil‘s upcoming third season but NYCC also offered visitors a look at a new character making his debut in the upcoming second season of Runaways. Actor Jan Luis Castellanos is playing Topher, a fellow runaway who helps our group of ragtag teenagers find their way on the streets. At the end of the last season, they finally became the runaways that the show’s title promised. Now, they have to figure out what it means to live on the streets while also keeping their prehistoric friend from being seen. Having someone with experience living on the streets might become quite handy on their side, especially with how the actor Castellanos describes his character.

“Topher is a tough and complicated kid, and it was very exciting to bring him to life. I can’t wait for you all to meet him!”

Long-time fans of the series might have already guessed from the title that this is a character stripped straight out of the comics. In the comics, Topher was introduced as a new member of the Runaways during the “Teenage Wasteland” story arc. He would turn out to be a vampire that has lived since the 1900s. There are no hints if he will share the same background as his comic’s character but he is described as a person who “knows how to read the room and win friends”. There is a good chance we might finally get our first introduction to Vampires in the MCU, which would give the show a bit more lore to play with alongside the already established elements from the first season. There have also been rumors of Blade making his MCU debut so maybe this opens up the door to that finally happening.

Do you think he might turn out to be a vampire? What are your hopes for the second season of Runaways?

Source: Marvel

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