The theme of darkness continues, which was teased with the poster a few days ago. This trailer has a strong focus on Nico fighting with her inner turmoil and includes some nice teases of what is to come. While the Gibborim is still the major villain, they will be joined by Morgan Le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley). Her role is rather uncertain in the upcoming season but we do get a good look at her in the latest trailer. It also teases some major internal strife within the group after the teaser of one Gibborim member still being absent.

The trailer seems to be hinting at the missing Gibborim having possessed Nico. This is, most likely, a red herring and the Gibborim has found a different host. Her entire “turn to the darkness” seems to be the cause of her staff that might have some ties to the abilities of Cloak and Dagger, whose crossover was teased at the end of the teaser. Seems that they appeared in their headquarters as a result of some kind of darkness calling them to help the Runaways. It will also be interesting to see how they play into the story, as it only seems to be a special team-up episode.

Are you excited about the upcoming third season? Who do you think is possessed by the missing Gibborim?

Source: Twitter