It will be a while before MCU fans get a taste of new content but the hype continues to build up for the third season of Marvel’s Runaways which premieres on December 13th on Hulu. We’ve known for a while that there will be a much-anticipated crossover episode between the stars of Cloak and Dagger and The Runaways which marks the first time that the two properties would crossover in live-action and fans will definitely look forward to that.

In the meantime, a new poster was released by the show’s official Twitter account ahead of its premiere several months from now.

The caption says that there will be “dark days ahead” which seemingly teases the ongoing conflict with the Gibborim as well as facing an entirely new villain in the form of Morgan Le Fay who will be played by Elizabeth Hurley. It will be interesting how they mix the alien and magical elements of the story. This new poster seems to hint that the Morgan Le Fay storyline may take center-stage from the Gibborim subplot that was teased at the end of the last season.

To recap, things will not be easy for the group as they were all divided at the end of the 2nd season. There is also a looming threat within them since there is another Gibborim host which is yet to be revealed and it could very well be hiding amongst them.

Who do you think is the last Gibborim host? All will be revealed when the third season premieres in December.

Source: Twitter