Over a month ago, Marvel announced that their newest television project is going to be bringing Runaways to the small screen on Hulu. At the time, the series was confirmed to have Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage serve as showrunners for this comic series that includes six teenagers who discover that their parents are a part of a secret organization called “The Pride.”

Today, Tamara Becher announced on Twitter that she will also be on the writing staff for Runaways.

Most recently, Becher was on the writing staff for Iron Fist, another Marvel television property. Obviously, she made a good enough impression to continue to be a part of the MCU family. As far as Runaways, while the show will obviously be marketed toward a younger audience, much like Cloak and Dagger, anyone who has read the comics knows that the story is sure to be engaging and unpredictable. In fact, if ABC Freeform and Hulu allow characters to mingle, we could see the characters of Cloak and Dagger occasionally interact with the Runaways kids.

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Source: Twitter