Afte the recent success of Black Panther it is pretty much a given that we can expect a sequel in the near future. Marvel Studios’ main focus is on its tenth anniversary and the upcoming mega-blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War so there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. Still, the film surpassed everyone’s expectations at the Box Office and there is quite a lot of buzz still surrounding the film, especially with Wakanda having a major role in Infinity War. Of course, this opens up the question if Ryan Coogler will return for the inevitable sequel. Luckily, it seems that Anthony and Joe Russo may have accidentally revealed that Coogler is already prepping for the sequel in a recent interview.

“We did allow James [Gunn], Jon Watts, and Ryan Coogler to see the movie to this point. So, yes you have to be working on a film that this will be affecting your storytelling moving forward.”

It is interesting that Coogler‘s name is used in connection with two directors that have already been confirmed to return for a sequel. Given the film’s success, it makes sense that the director would also return to direct. Infinity War will have a major impact on the MCU moving forward. We still know very little about what direction the franchise is heading beyond Phase 4 and it is great to once again see these directors working together to keep the franchise as consistent as possible. The film has a major action sequence in Wakanda so there might be strong implications for Black Panther 2. T’Challa opened the doors to the rest of the world and now they are already being invaded by aliens. The directors also mention being in contact with Peyton Reed and Taika Waititi so maybe there are also possibilities for a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

What do you think? What are your hopes for the sequel? Do you want Coogler to return to direct?


Source: Heroic Hollywood