If you would have told most people back in 2013 that the guys most known for Arrested Development would be in charge of the next two Captain America films and two more Avengers films to close out Phase 3, you would have been met with plenty of hesitation and skepticism. Fast forward to the present day and you will be hard pressed to find someone who does not have faith in what Joe and Anthony Russo will do next. They have so far delivered two of the best films within the MCU in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. And at the end of this year, they start the long process of filming, editing, and promoting both parts of the soon to be re-titled Avengers: Infinity War.

Over the weekend, the brothers were present at the Produced By panel at Sony Studios, and while they talked a lot about other projects they are working on, they also were asked about working with Marvel. By the time Phase 3 ends, they will have made 4 superhero films within the span of about six years of work without taking a break. It could be easy to continue to repeat what has made them so successful thus far, but as they say, it is important to keep the genre fresh and do what feels right to them – which means not always listening to what fans may want.

Joe: We really try to block all that stuff out. We’ve found over years our best successes have been finding a piece of content that we make for ourselves and hope everyone likes it … When you make choices from fear or under pressure you make bad choices

Anthony: It can become stale. We love manipulating and subverting genre in ways audiences aren’t expecting.

With the duo locked up for the next two Avengers films, they clearly have the trust of Disney, Marvel Studios, and Kevin Feige. As for how they got their foot in the door with the studio, an early connection with Feige helped a lot, as well as also having a plan for what they wanted to do. The best way to deliver on those plans is to have a script locked down that can make it easy for everyone watching to follow.

Joe: Feige brought us in and found out we’re huge comic book fans and pop culture junkies. We connected on a lot of levels and had a lot of specific ideas about Captain America.

Joe: What’s most important in these large-scale movies is if you add as much information in script, typically, the movie has better chance of being comprehensive and the audience enjoying it.

One of the newest actors reportedly joining the MCU is Michael B. Jordan, who is reportedly set to star alongside Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther, but with his role possibly being a villain it is unclear if the Russos will have the chance to work with the actor in this universe. They are set to co-produce a film with Jordan, however, and if they had the chance to direct him in Infinity War, they have the highest amount of respect for him.

Joe: One of the great actors of today.

Are you excited for the Russos to carry us through Phase 3? Do you want them to have Jordan in their next films? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 is scheduled to hit theaters May 4th, 2018. Avegners: Infinity War Part 2 is scheduled to hit theaters May 3rd, 2019.

Source: The Wrap.