Directors Joe and Anthony Russo may be relatively new to the MCU, but they’ve got this whole Easter egg thing down. Ever since joining Facebook in March 2016, they’ve made a habit of teasing fans with set photos (usually with funny captions) and glimpses of Easter eggs for upcoming films. Prior to the release of Captain America: Civil War, the directors teased us with a bunch of set photos from the film shoot in Atlanta up until the film’s release. Case in point:

Ever since pre-production started for Avengers: Infinity War started last August, the brothers have started teasing their followers with everything from location scouting photos to videos of props being made for the film. You can check out the video of the still unidentified prop being printed here:

Over the past month or so, their page has been uncharacteristically quiet, and we assume that’s because they’re hard at work on Infinity War, but they did take to social media to tease what we believe to be an Easter egg for the upcoming Avengers sequel, and a tasty one at that:

Where we’ll see this pizza box show up in the film is unclear; it may be one of those blink and you’ll miss it kind of Easter eggs, but at this point you can never tell. This wouldn’t be the first cameo the Russos have had in their films: Joe Russo has made cameos as both a doctor and a psychiatrist in both Captain America: the Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, respectively. This marks the first cameo that Anthony has appeared in one of his films, albeit only on a pizza box.

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What do you think? Will this marvelous Easter egg make the final cut?

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4, 2018

Source: Facebook