Disney+ seems to be a gift that keeps on giving. There have been so many shows announced and rumored that it is difficult to keep an overview of what mini-series is being planned. The only truly confirmed series is one that focuses on Loki. We just recently got a rumor for a possible Rocket and Groot series being considered for the platform as well and more info on a Vision and Scarlet Witch series as well. The only Disney+ project we know anything about is the currently being filmed The Mandalorians that has some large star power backing it up with Iron Man‘s Jon Favreau as showrunner. Bob Iger only confirmed the Loki show and Tom Hiddleston‘s return to the character even after his fate in Avengers: Infinity War. Another show rumored to be heading our way will involve Winter Soldier and Falcon but we also have little information on when it will be released. Some wondered if the Russo brothers would create the series after giving us a very iconic villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They are directors with experience in TV so they would be a perfect fit. During the special Collider screening of Infinity War, the two directors confirmed that they will in fact not be involved with the show.

The interesting aspect is that they are looking for someone to bring a unique angle to the project. When we saw Falcon and Winter Soldier together, it was mostly a buddy cop comedy. The way they kept mocking each other was quite an essential part of their dynamic in Captain America: Civil War. Perhaps they want to bring a more serious tone to the franchise and work on a spy thriller angle to highlight Bucky’s abilities. We still don’t know when exactly this would take place, as both were affected by the snap at the end of Infinity War. Right now, the only way to know what we can even expect from the shows depends on the events of Avengers 4. Most show announcements involve a character that was affected by the snap so this may be a sign of a brand new era after the current run of the MCU comes to an end with the next Avengers film.

Source: Twitter

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