One of the most interesting surprises from Avengers: Infinity War was the fact that a longtime missing MCU character made his return. We finally found out what had happened to Red Skull after he was warped into space by the Space Stone at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. He was forced to become the watcher of the Soul Stone until the day someone would appear to find it, which ended up being Thanos during the events of the Infinity War. It seems that his time on Vormir has come to an end, as the Russo Brothers have revealed that he is freed of his curse after the events of the film during a Viewing Party’s Q&A.

The interesting tidbit is that he does still seem to be fascinated with the Infinity Stones. You would think that after being cursed for eternity after getting in contact with one he would try to keep his distance from them but his ambitions have never died out. There is a chance that the time he spent guarding the Soul Stone may have taught him some things we have yet to grasp about its powers. Many theories still hint at Gamora’s soul being kept within the stone and maybe Red Skull had to pay more than just spending time trapped on Vormir. His demeanor was softer when compared to his time as the head of HYDRA. It would be interesting to see the character of Red Skull turned into somewhat of an anti-hero. Once a maniac obsessed with world domination turning into a well-intentioned man after spending years repenting for his actions would be an interesting turn for his character.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Red Skull in the MCU? Where do you think they should go with his character?

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