Despite the fact the fact that an announcement was already made, we still have to wait a little while for the Disney-Fox merger to push through. Still, that isn’t stopping the excitement of fanboys everywhere, including the Russo Brothers. Speaking to French publication Linternaute during the world press tour for Avengers: Infinity War, Anthony Russo expressed interest in possibly seeing a Secret Wars film should the two universes merge.

If Disney’s takeover of Fox ends, it’s a lot more characters to work with at once, it might be worth doing something like Secret Wars.

The Russos don’t mention whether they’d be up for helming it but we all know they should. A live-action adaptation Secret Wars is an incredibly tall order that seems more unlikely the more you think about its scale (think the scale of Infinity War times a hundred) but if there’s any company who could pull it off, it’s Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. I also think that the Russos namedropping this major comic event as something they’d like to see down the line rules it out from the list of potential Avengers 4 titles. I’m still banking on a Heroes Reborn-esque title. Awful comic story line but a thematically fitting title to cap off the end of an era and a nice nod to all the “alternate universe” photos we’ve been seeing.

Source: Linernaute