It’s been a big day for Captain America: Civil War. The latest trailer gave us our first look at Spider-Man and plenty of other exciting scenes. You can check out our full breakdown of the trailer to dive deeper into what was shown.

As exciting as the trailer premiere was, it wasn’t the only thing Marvel had planned today. Shortly after the trailer reveal, several members of the cast, along with directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo hopped on BuzzFeed and Tumblr to talk about the trailer and the movie as a whole.

When they were asked about the limits of superhero movies, and whether there was left to tell in these kinds of films, Anthony explained that he feels there is still plenty more to be explored.

Anthony: The beauty of superhero movies is that there are always more stories to tell. You can go anywhere with the genre. With Winter Soldier we mashed up genres by making a political thriller. With Civil War we are doing a psychological thriller. Infinity War will be something else entirely. And other filmmakers are finding new ground all the time. You can go epic, or you can do small and intimate character work. You can do real world or fantasy world. I think we can all look forward to many more years of surprising and original superhero movies.

Downey also quickly answered the question teasing the two-part epic Avengers: Infinity War, which will head into production later this year.

Downey: Joe Russo was just pitching me some of the INFINITY WAR stuff, so you’d better hold on to your hats. Sky’s the limit.

They were also asked about the relationship between Cap and Bucky in Civil War. There are plenty of interesting aspects that make their bond fun to watch, but Anthony gave his answer for what he thinks makes it so compelling.

Anthony: The relationship between Steve and Bucky is one of my brother’s and my favorite aspects of the Captain America movies. It’s so complex and tragic. They have a devotion to one another that is undermined and devastated by fate, and exploring how they endure that is fascinating for us as storytellers and fans. We feel Civil War is the best chapter yet in the story of their relationship. The character has gone from being Bucky Barnes to being the Winter Soldier, and now in this movie he is something else. We explore whether he and Steve can ever have a relationship again and, if so, what that relationship can be.

Black Widow has a very tight connection with both sides, so her siding with Stark is a bit of a surprise. As Joe put it, there are definitive reasons why she chooses the way she does.

Joe: She is conflicted. This is her worst nightmare. She sees the value to both sides. Her relationship with Cap is very deep and is a continuation of their story from Winter Soldier. But due to very personal reasons they wind up on opposite sides. She & Bucky definitely have an encounter. 🙂

As we have learned more about the movie, it’s clear that this is not the story from the comics. This is an interpretation on the story and the Russos wanted to make it fit within the MCU.

Our goal here is to continue the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has developed a specific story with specific characters. The original book was dealing with a different story as well as many different characters, so the intersection between this movie and the inspiring comic isn’t as extensive as it was with Winter Soldier. We do use the jumping off point of government control of superheroes and the division of superheroes between sides lead by Captain America and Iron Man, but after that the movie is striking out into territory that is unique from the book.

One question that was asked that was not about any of the upcoming movies, but rather one a fan wanted to see, concerned the Young Avengers. A user asked about the possibility of a Young Avengers movie happening one day so that they could see Miss America Chavez on the big screen. While there currently don’t seem to be any plans for the Young Avengers to hit the big screen – at least going off of what has been announced, of course – that doesn’t mean there isn’t interest… when it comes to one half of the Russo brothers, that is.

Joe: Damn. That’s actually a really good idea… And you’re right she would kick ass!

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

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