The Marvel movie machine is a locomotive that cannot be stopped. We haven’t even had an official peek at the Avengers: Infinity War trailer yet, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo are already teasing the sequel. The currently untitled Avengers film, or Avengers 4, has officially begun. You’d have to wonder how the two brothers are still even alive, taking only a short break in between helming two gargantuan blockbuster events. As I’ve mentioned on this website before, the Russos sure do love their cryptic social media teases, posting the following image just this Thursday:

Anyone who is up to date on the word of MCU mastermind Kevin Feige knows that these next two Avengers movies will be a culmination of all the films since the first Iron Man. Thus, “beginning the end” seems like the appropriate caption to excite fans for the final chapter of Phase Three.

But as we fans are the curious and speculative type, we always look for something more in these types of teasers. Perhaps “beginning the end” is meant to carry more of an ominous tone than exciting. Will we see some of our favorite Avengers for the final time in this film? Some trailer-hungry fans on social media are even hoping that the four fingers represent a countdown for when we might finally see that D23 footage (I’m not holding my breath for that, to be honest). More likely, the four fingers signify this being the fourth Avengers movie.

Furthermore, whose glove are we looking at? Well, purple is a color I would associate with Thanos, but we already know about his fancy gauntlet to carry his coveted Infinity Stones. Perhaps this is meant to foreshadow a more comic-accurate Hawkeye, as we aren’t used to him being too purple in the cinematic universe. Or again, it could be simple as one of the Russos shooting near what looks like to be a mountainous area, and wearing gloves for the cold.

Coinciding with this teaser is a possible callsheet of sorts that we found:

Nothing too exciting there, as its mainly information we already know, and names we already recognize. You’ll remember that we reported that the Avengers sequel will have some Tokyo-set scenes filmed on location. But to add a little more fuel to the speculation machine, it’s worth mentioning that a redditor found something similar just last week:

Pretty much the same image, but with different start dates, a lack of a mention of Tokyo, and with cast member names. If you look at the Reddit thread, users seem dubious of the validity or accuracy of this find. For one, Karen Gillan is erroneously named twice, and names such as Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland (who we know for certain will be in this film) are strangely missing. It’s probably safe to assume that this possible sheet isn’t spoiling the fates of any of the characters to us.

But I digress. Production literally just begun for this film, so it’s natural for us fans to be grasping at any bit of info we may come across. The wait is maddening for sure, but in way, it is also super fun.

If you’re curious on how the Russos came to direct arguably one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, check out their hilarious work on Arrested Development.

Source: Instagram (The Russo Brothers), Reddit