Different personalities involved in the MCU try to promote their projects in different ways.  James Gunn believes in regular and lengthy Q&A’s with fans.  Robert Downey Jr. likes to show off selfies of the cast hanging out.  Others like Scott Derrickson or Vincent D’Onofrio are regular tweeters.  The Russo Brothers, directors of the last two Captain America films and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, have a tactic that makes fans curious without giving too much away: they share photos of the sets of the films.

Most recently they hinted at one of Marvel’s newest heroes returning to the screen for what will be his third appearance.


Infinity War spending some time in the Sanctum Sanctorum makes a ton of sense.  While those unfamiliar with the classic “Infinity Gauntlet” story might think of the adventure as primarily an interstellar one, the comics made Dr. Strange a key player in the conflict and a respected presence in the hero community.  He and Adam Warlock are arguably the true strategic minds that plot Thanos downfall.

Also, remember that Thanos is out to get the Infinity Stones, and last we saw one of those sits at the nexus of the Sanctums.  Trying to put the pieces together, we have several different stones who’s current location has been hinted.  (None of what follows is confirmed, just my speculation, but if you are super spoiler sensitive, turn back now, in case I’m right.)

-Mind Stone currently is with Vision and Paul Bettany was one of the first actors who was spotted on set of Infinity War, back in the Scotland shoots.
-Time Stone currently is at the nexus of the Sanctums where the Russos are shooting right now.
-Some have hypothesized that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda.  For a long time I was of the mind that it is in Asgard and will come up in Thor: Ragnarok  As of late, however, I’ve been convinced that the Wakanda value on dead ancestors and the Necropolis make it a good location for the Soul Stone.  Also, when the Aether was delivered to the Collector it was because it was unwise for Asgard to have “two infinity stones” not “three infinity stones.”  That logic would have prevented them bringing the Tesseract to Asgard at the end of Avengers should the Soul Stone reside there.  I am now suspicious it is only the Space Stone (Tesseract) that Thanos will take from the third Thor film.  Recent set picks that allude to Wakanda, plus the number of Black Panther cast members joining Infinity War, suggests the Black Order will invade Wakanda.  (It is worth noting that this spreads the introduction of the Infinity Stones evenly across six different franchises, instead of asking Thor to bear the brunt of McGuffin intros twice.)
-Both the Power Stone and Reality Stone rest in the Guardians of the Galaxy settings (Nova and Nowhere respectively) and we know that the Guardians were among the first cast to appear in Atlanta.

However the plot is coming together, it will be exciting to see Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Stephen Strange integrate so quickly into the MCU via his appearances in this film and Ragnarok.  His solo adventure was a bit devoid of direct connections to the rest of the MCU (probably to the benefit of the movie), but his interaction with others should be a lot of fun.  How the Russos are juggling all these characters and plot elements will be a massive point of interest in the movie when it releases next year.

What do you think?  Do you want a battle with the Black Order in the Sanctum Sanctorum?  Where do you think the Soul Stone is?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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