Black Panther was a global hit earlier this year, and one of the reasons why was director Ryan Coogler‘s spectacular work on the film. His views and cinematic talent made the movie not only a masterpiece in the superhero genre, but also a pretty amazing work overall. So if you, like most fans worldwide, loved what Coogler and Marvel did together, we have some great news: the director has signed to return for the upcoming sequel to Black Panther.

Given that the first movie became a cultural phenomenon all over the world, and especially in the United States, it makes sense that Marvel Studios would want to keep the same team together for the second installment. Despite rumors pointing to his comeback, many speculated that Coogler, one of the most promising directors of his generation, would have chosen to focus on other projects rather than to explore new themes in a sequel for a movie that already said a lot by itself, which makes the news somewhat surprising.

The sequel to Black Panther has no official title or release date yet, but the news of Ryan Coogler‘s return is a sign that Marvel has plans already in motion for the movie. Rumors point to a production start date of late 2019 or early 2020, which means we will most likely not get the movie before 2021. It’ll be a long wait.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter