Ryan Phillippe appeared on the Howard Stern show this morning to promote his current ABC show, Secrets & Lies, and while there, he mentioned being in talks with Marvel for a Netflix show.

Phillippe never alludes to what potential character he’s talked with them about in the interview, which of course led to people assuming it was for Danny Rand/Iron Fist given that it’s the only Defender left to cast. On one hand, that is understandable. We haven’t heard anything regarding Iron Fist, though I’d expect that to change once Luke Cage goes into production later this year, so it’s easy to presume that’s the role in question here. But I don’t think that’s the role they’re looking at him for. While Phillippe does have martial arts experience, @ElMayimbe, who has built up a great track record with his Marvel scoops, has stated previously that they are seeking someone younger than the rest of the Defenders cast for the role of Danny Rand.

Not to mention, he just tweeted this last week:

For all we know, he could be talking to them about playing a supporting character in one of the upcoming shows. Don’t forget that season two of Daredevil starts filming later this year and they’ll need to start casting characters for the new season relatively soon — possibly Leland Owlsley’s son or Bullseye? Other options to consider: Steel Serpent (Davos) or even Wendell Rand. Given the Easter eggs that were included in the first season of Daredevil for Iron Fist, it’s possible they’ll continue to build upon those in the second season.

As of right now, all we can do is speculate as to what character and show Marvel and Phillippe could possibly be in talks about.

It is worth noting that this isn’t the first time Phillippe’s name has been mentioned alongside Marvel. Back in 2010, before Chris Evans landed the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America, Phillippe confirmed that he had auditioned for the role. So it’s safe to say Marvel clearly has some interest in him, and it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of all of this.