Everyone’s favorite BAMF of a spy is back. Variety is reporting that Samuel L. Jackson is set to reprise his role as the iconic Nick Fury in an unnamed upcoming Marvel series on Disney+ that will be produced by Mr. Robot executive producer Kyle Bradstreet. No other details about the show were given.

This is huge for a lot of reasons. Mainly for presumably Nick Fury’s first appearance since Spider-Man: Far From Home and the fact that it’s a completely new show. Last we saw Nick, he was hanging somewhere in space with a bunch of aliens which led fans to believe that he was involved with SWORD. We know SWORD is set to make its official debut in the MCU with Wandavision later this year. In addition to that, there have been rumblings of a SWORD and Secret Invasion show in development for Disney+. Could this be one of those two shows? It would certainly make a lot of sense given the stuff we know. Nick Fury played a key part in Secret Invasion when he formed the Secret Warriors. Overall, it’s something to look forward to.

Source: Variety