Captain Marvel may have wrapped filming several days ago but that isn’t stopping certified BAMF Samuel L. Jackson from suiting up as Nick Fury. Jackson took to Instagram to reveal that he’s back to donning the eyepatch and facial hair after playing his younger self in Captain Marvel. The film he may be suiting up for? Spider-Man: Far From Home. Or at least everyone thinks so since Captain Marvel has wrapped and Spider-Man: Far From Home is filming in the UK, where Jackson is located based on his post.

Should this be the case, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that along with Spidey, Fury will inevitably get undusted at the end of Avengers 4. The idea of Fury finally meeting Peter Parker is an encounter that fans have been dying to see since Bendis kicked it off in Ultimate Spider-Man almost 20 years ago. I can totally imagine Fury taking over Tony Stark’s Homecoming role as the connective tissue to the Avengers and Spidey’s mentor in the film as he originally was in Bendis’ run.

Source: Instagram