We have received a closer look at the fight between Scarlet Witch and what seems to be a member of Thanos’s Black Order from the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Sightings of her and Vision being mixed up in a battle could hint at the beginning of Thanos’s hunt for the Infinity Stones, with Vision being his first victim. Whatever the context of the fight, you can check out some of the choreography below:

We also get to see Olsen being pulled upward as Scarlet Witch goes airborne to fly towards or away from enemies. The biggest question is if she is trying to catapult herself to face a flying enemy, or if she is trying to escape from a dangerous situation? It is interesting that there is no sign of Vision during these sequences, so either they already got what they wanted, or he may have escaped as well.

How do you think this scene will fit into the film? Is this from the opening, or does this scene come later?