We stand corrected. About a week or so ago, we ran a post about set photos featuring a stunt woman we thought was the double for Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow. A few readers of ours mentioned the likelihood of the woman double for Elizabeth Olsen‘s Scarlet Witch instead of Black Widow, which we brushed off at the time due to lack of evidence. Well, the evidence is in and you guys are indeed correct. It is Scarlet Witch in those Avengers: Infinity War set photos and videos that have been circulating online. And in this latest batch, we see Scarlet Witch take on those staff-wielding villains we’ve speculated to be the Black Order earlier this week.

There’s so much to speculate about with these new videos. First up, why is Scarlett Witch hanging out in Scotland? We last saw her escape from the Raft with the rest of Cap’s crew at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Her solo presence in Scotland (before the arrival of Vision, of course) hints that Cap’s team of renegade Avengers went pretty much their own ways after their escape. Some people have speculated that with the historical ties of ancient Scotland to witchcraft and the occult, Scarlet Witch might be there to do a bit of soul-searching with regards to her abilities. Some even have gone far as to say that Wanda is out in Scotland finding ways to bring back Pietro.

Second, is the Black Order there to steal the Mind Stone from Vision or are they in Scotland for something else? Many have speculated that the appearance of Vision in Old Town Edinburgh is due in part to Scarlet Witch being there. Following the events of Civil War, it’s safe to assume to that one of the main tasks of the legit government-sanction Avengers is to apprehend Cap and his team. Did the Black Order know about this? After all, the Mind Stone is something they absolutely need to get their hands on. I could totally see a scene in the film where Thanos browses Twitter and comes across a Scarlet Witch sighting, prompting him to ask his Black Order to intercept her inevitable apprehension via the Avengers.

Third, how are these two gonna defeat the Black Order? Don’t get me wrong, Scarlet Witch and Vision are arguably two of the most powerful Avengers right now. But they haven’t got experience taking on intergalactic warriors working under the thumb of Thanos. If you look closely in the video above, Scarlet Witch goes head to head with what looks to be Proxima Midnight. And if you know anything about Proxima, she’s got this super lethal staff (said to be as powerful as a supernova and a black hole) and an incredible set of fighting skills along with it. Alongside Proxima is Corvus Glaive, a dude who also wields a weapon known to cut through the tiniest atoms. With the odds stacked against them, it makes you wonder how they’ll get out of this fight alive. These explosions on the set don’t bode well for them.

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Source: Elizabeth-Olsen.us and Twitter