Entertainment Weekly has continued its marathon of Captain America: Civil War news, speaking with Scarlett Johansson on the role that Black Widow plays, as well as addressing the extra attention that gets paid to the plot-lines of female characters in movies. Johansson told Entertainment Weekly that Black Widow sees herself as somewhat of a mediator between Stark and Rogers.

You know, I think she understands where everyone is coming from. And none of it really matters to her, you know? There’s a bigger problem at hand and she’s, I think, strangely, kind of the mediator. Which is not exactly how you would imagine her to be. But I think she really does see both sides of the coin and I think her strength is that she’s not personally involved.

Her understanding of both sides of the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America mean we’re likely to see Black Widow influence things from a distance, rather than diving straight into the action.

I think when you find her in Civil War, she’s looking to strategize her position, putting herself in a place where she is able to let the powers that be fight it out or whatever amongst themselves. She’s always a little bit on the perimeter so she can have a better perspective of what’s really going on.

She also spoke a little about the evolution of her character, and figuring out what she wants during Civil War.

I don’t think she’s ever aspired to become an Avenger. That’s not really a choice that she made. It’s kind of like the events in her life led her to that point and when we see her [in Civil War], she’s finally capable of making a choice for herself. Which is kind of a milestone in someone’s life when they’ve not really participated in the decisions that were made for them. She’s finally at a place where she’s going, “Okay, I actually kind of know what I want. And I think I kind of deserve it.”

Johansson also talked about her status as one of the most well known female superheroes on screen right now, and the close level of scrutinization that comes with that.

I’m happy that people scrutinize the Widow’s storylines and care about it and are invested. I’d much rather it be like that than have a kind of “meh” reaction. For me to have people say that would be, ouch, you know? Everything that I’ve done with the Widow, to me makes sense. It’s in line with active decisions that I’ve made for the character. I’ve been able to develop this character very closely with Joss and [Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo].

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: EW.