The topic of a “Black Widow” solo movie has been long discussed, but despite the fact that Kevin Feige and Scarlett Johansson have both said they want it to happen, it seems no closer to happening now than it did when Black Widow was first introduced in Iron Man 2. Still, it’s easy to understand why the idea keeps getting brought up: there’s a paucity of female-led blockbusters, especially in the superhero genre. Plus, Johansson is one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood right now, so having her lead a solo outing seems like a no-brainer. In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, Johansson discussed the idea of a Black Widow standalone, mentioning again that it should be made:

“I’ve talked to Kevin Feige about it. We’re creatively really compatible. I think we both agree that the character is right for a standalone, it’s just a case of timing at this point for both Marvel and myself.”

“Timing” seems to be the most often cited reason we haven’t yet seen Black Widow in her own film. While some might see this as disingenuous or just an excuse to get fans to stop asking about a project that will never happen, it seems reasonable considering the packed schedules that both Marvel and Johansson have. Johansson is arguably the busiest actor in the MCU, with the exception of Chris Pratt. And, as Johansson points out, Marvel isn’t exactly at a loss for new properties either:

“Marvel has a really huge roster. They’re looking four years ahead. I also have a lot of things that I want to do…If I did it, I would dedicate myself completely to making it amazing. It would have to be the best version that movie could possibly be. Otherwise, I would never do it.”

With DC’s Wonder Woman coming out later this year and Captain Marvel on the horizon, the lack of female-led superhero films seems like it’s finally starting to be addressed, but if and when a “Black Widow” film will happen is anyone’s guess. Still, Johansson wants to see it happen at some point, and notes that she’s not alone:

“I think the fans were adamant about it, it could be done. It should be done, probably.”

What would you like to see from a “Black Widow” solo movie? Do you think it will ever happen? Do you think it should happen? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Total Film via GamesRadar