Casting the last Defender was never going to be easy. After setting the bar impossibly high with the pitch-perfect castings of Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, and Mike Colter, the pressure to find the best person to fill the role of The Immortal Iron Fist must have been immense. This was all compounded with certain sectors of fandom wanting Marvel to cast an Asian actor in the role, while others wanted the part to stick to its traditionally caucasian rendering. But despite the pressure and the controversy, executive producer Scott Buck feels confident that he and the studio got the best man for the job by casting Game of Thrones star, Finn Jones. Speaking to the good folks at Comic Book Resources at New York Comic Con, Buck had this to say about Jones’ casting.

“You know, we saw him and I think we all just knew immediately this is our guy,” he recalled. “He’s a slightly younger character than the other Marvel heroes, and there’s a youthful optimism to him that Finn himself seems to generate, but — underneath that all — there’s some serious badass attitude that can come out. He just seemed to be able to display all that when needed and sometimes all at once, so he was very capable and flexible as he brought the character to life.”

Jones, coming off of a massive hit like Game of Thrones, was eager to take up the, at the time, secretive Marvel project. After having just finished being on a long running series and then subsequently dealing with not having a steady job, Jones felt the hand of providence in his finding the role of Iron Fist.

“I sent off a self-tape back in London, and that was in November,” he continued. “This audition came through as I was in the airport leaving ‘Game of Thrones.’ It was funny how things just flow into each other, you know? Like it was kind of meant to happen like it was a destiny thing. Very strange! And then I sent off the self-tape, and I didn’t hear until after Christmas when I was in LA and then they called me to audition in the room and I went through a couple of series of screen tests and then eventually I got the part after two weeks of grueling… back-and-forth, going in to meet studio heads, testing with various actors.”

“Afterward, I went immediately into training for like a month and a half, I think. I was training for like five, six hours a day. Three hours of martial arts, then about one-and-a-half, two hours of weight training, as well as getting to grips with all the mythology of the show and Buddhist philosophy. I really wanted to get into the head of that character. So it’s been kind of non-stop since February!” he concluded.

We’ll all be able to see Finn Jones as Iron Fist when it premieres on Netflix on March 17th, 2017. From the sounds of it, he’s taking the role seriously and going off of the recently released trailer, his training has more than paid off. All things being fair, Marvel hasn’t let down in the casting department yet. So, I for one am very optimistic. But what do you think? Is Finn Jones fit for the role? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: CBR