One thing that makes the upcoming Inhumans TV show stand out among its heroic competition is the fact that it will be the first show to air its initial two episodes in IMAX theatres and to be produced by cinema-tech giant. The entire series is being filmed with the use of IMAX cameras, which instantly guarantees beautiful visuals for the upcoming project. Showrunner Scott Buck offered his perspective on how the usage of IMAX has changed the way they approached the project during production, and if we can expect a more cinematic flair.

“Yes, I would say the first two episodes do, because it gave us a lot more freedom and pushed and encouraged us to think a little bit bigger than we would if it was just a normal network show. We just wanted to think bigger in terms of scope, and what we were seeing, and how we bring these characters to the audience.”

The potential of the first two episodes is one of the most intriguing aspects of the show.  Characters like Medusa, Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family all exhibit that is guaranteed to be eye-candy, given the sophistication of the equipment used. Seeing Black Bolt lose control of his voice and destroy Attilan could make for quite an astounding visual. This is what the team behind the project most certainly want to achieve.

“Hopefully just to get people really excited. I think it’s something that absolutely stands on its own, but hopefully it’ll intrigue people enough to make them want to watch the rest of the show.”

ABC and IMAX are investing heavily into this show, and it certainly seems to have built some pressure on Buck, but unlike his other Marvel project, Iron Fist, he is leading the charge of a potential new direction for TV. Broadcast networks are facing tough times, as cable has been building up quite a reputation with strong shows that aren’t restricted by any formats, streaming services are creating more and more content that is ad free and ratings have been dropping for quite some time. ABC hopes to find a new way to push their TV shows forward, and combining the best elements of Marvel Studios and Television would seem like a perfect fit. When asked whatever happened to the film that was being produced by Marvel’s film production company, he pointed out that he is unaware of what has become of the project, but the story structure does seem more fitting for the multiple episode format. In a way, the IMAX cooperation ended up being the best of both worlds.

Do you think that IMAX could be a new direction for TV? What visual are you hoping to see in the upcoming Inhumans show?

Source: Entertainment Weekly