It is finally here, it has been confirmed that Scott Derrickson will return to direct a sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange. The Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive that he and Benedict Cumberbatch are confirmed to return to the world of mystic arts in the MCU. They also confirm that Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams will reprise their roles from the last film. Equally huge is the news of their plans for a spring 2020 production start which puts the film on course for a potential release in 2021. It seems that there must have been some delay, as at one point Wong hinted at a production start at the end of 2018, so there may have been some negotiations over the last few months.

This is our third confirmed returning character that has been turned to ashes after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Studios is already working on a sequel to 2018’s Black Panther and Spider-Man: Far From Home will hit theatres after their next massive Blockbuster Avengers: Endgame hits theatres in April. It will be interesting to see how Strange’s story is continued after purposely letting himself and half the universe being dusted away to enter the endgame, as he put it.

What direction could they take in a sequel? Well, co-writer C. Robert Cargill has teased that they want to introduce Nightmare and bring back Mordo for the sequel. Derrickson has been quite known for his work in horror films so this would be a perfect fit for him to utilize his experience to give us our first horror-inspired MCU film. It is strange that they are actively looking for a writer for the film, as Cargill seemed like a perfect fit to return, as he was quite enthusiastic about the franchise’s future. Maybe they are looking for an additional writer, as Marvel Studios has a tendency to have multiple writers go through scripts.

Are you excited for Doctor Strange 2? What are your hopes for the sequel?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter