Marvel’s Doctor Strange has been having a very good 2017 so far. Not only has the film grossed over $650 Million worldwide, it’s up for an Oscar! It’s one of the MCU’s most successful origin stories and people can’t get enough of Stephen Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme will appear in Thor: Ragnarok and has been confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War.

Scott Derrickson (the director of Doctor Strange) discussed the sorcerer’s future via phone interview with Screen Rant. Of course, the number one thing people want to know: is there going to be a Doctor Strange 2? Surely, we need more of Stephen now that he is the protector of the New York Sanctum. Yes, we’re getting him in two future MCU movies, but there’s so much story to tell that warrants a sequel.

Nothing had been confirmed yet and we at MCUExchange certainly don’t want to start a false rumor. When asked if he had any ideas of what he’d like to see in a sequel, Derrickson replied:

Yeah, I have definite ideas about it, but that really is a collaborative process. I had definite ideas going into Doctor Strange, what I wanted it to do. Some of those very specifically ended up in the movie. I storyboarded the [hospital astral plane fight] before I ever got the job. You know, that was an idea and a concept and taken place with rituals, characters, and that outfit. So I guess as we discussed the story, we ended up getting rid of. So I have definite ideas, I think in the big picture of what would make the best possible Doctor Strange sequel. I hope it happens.

Another question was what other character in the MCU would Derrickson like to tackle, other than Doctor Strange? Apparently, he’d love if the Fantastic Four was brought back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (wouldn’t we all?). As far as certain story-lines in the MCU, Derrickson was not at liberty to discuss these things, but we do know that he wouldn’t change a thing about the film.

The first thing I asked the filmmaker however, was if he’d change anything about Doctor Strange if he could, now looking back on how things turned out. He quickly said “nothing,” explaining that because it did so well he feels it could break something if he did. Not worth the risk. And we can’t argue with that. – Screen Rant.

Doctor Strange releases on Digital HD February 14, 2017 and Blu-Ray February 28, 2017. And be sure to check out Benedict Cumberbatch reprising his role as Stephen Strange in Thor: Ragnarok, November 3, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant