When Master Daniel Drumm met his demise at the hands of Kaecilius in Doctor Strange, comic book fans were hopeful that his appearance would eventually lead to the appearance of his more famous brother, Jericho–known better as Brother Voodoo. It seems that director Scott Derrickson might have had something similar in mind. During a quick Twitter Q&A this afternoon, Derrickson responded to a fan’s inquiry about Brother Voodoo potentially appearing in a sequel:

With so many potential Masters of the Mystic Arts that could have served as fodder for Kaecilius, it seems that Drumm’s assignment to the Sanctum Sanctorum may have been done with the intention of giving his brother a reason for vengeance (let’s be honest, when doesn’t Marvel do things very intentionally?). We love this idea so much that we wrote about it when discussing the things we’d most like to see in a sequel to Doctor Strange.

Another key piece of the tale of Stephen Strange is his relationship with Clea, the niece of the Dread Dormammu. Derrickson, who is well-steeped in Doctor Strange lore, knows that any true retelling of Strange’s story should include his true love:

Derrickson also mentions he’d like to use Nightmare as a villain, an idea that he loved so much that he wanted to use it in the first film. As Derrickson mentions, it would be a tricky thing to do, but as we discussed in a piece about potential sequel ideas, it could be a high-risk/high-reward outcome by introducing true horror to the MCU. Derrickson’s Q&A also included a few answers about the process behind making the first Doctor Strange and the future of the MCU as a whole. When asked about his involvement in Avengers: Infinity War, Derrickson confirmed that, unlike some other Marvel directors like James Gunn, he will not be involved in Infinity War:

When asked which characters he’d most like to see join the MCU, Derrickson’s answer is likely to make fans of Marvel’s First Family very happy, as well as those who wish to see Marc Spector brought to life:

Derrickson also took a few questions about what influenced and inspired him while making Doctor Strange, and how he sees Stephen Strange as a character:

And finally, the director revealed himself to be a true MCU fan by answering a few questions that everyone should have an answer to. You know, the really important questions, like “Favorite MCU movie?” (It’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and “Team Cap or Team Iron Man?” (He’s Team Cap.)

And finally, Scott Derrickson revealed the biggest twist in the MCU since The Winter Soldier: the true location of one of the Infinity Stones:

Doctor Strange is now available for purchase on DVD, Blu Ray, & Digital Download.